When Napoleao Sorbello founded Mhedica in 2000 he brought his 20 years of intensive sales experience and technological know-how in the medical/hospital device sector. Shortly thereafter the addition of Rafael and Stefanie Sorbello fortified the management of the sales team and coordinated Mhedicas sales staff in Minas Gerais. They also oversee a network of top-agents covering all of Brazil. Today Mhedica is a well-respected and known partner for innumerous private and public hospitals and a confidential partner with superior sales success for renowned global medical device producers.

In 2005 Mr. Douglas S. Robert, a clinical engineer, joins Mhedica to manage and oversee the ever growing demand for qualified maintenance and in-house repair of the complex and sensitive equipment, such as ventilation systems, patient monitoring and anesthesia workstations. A qualified team of in-house technicians are on stand-by to guarantee the efficient use of the valuable equipment at our partner-hospitals .

Perfect after-sales support is one of the most important fundamentals of our high level of customer loyalty and sales success.

In 2010 Mr. Marcus Leskovsek, former General Manager of the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Minas Gerais, joins the company as an associate to further expand growth on a nationwide level and winning new international partners.

Mhedica understands that in a highly regulated, complex and challenging market such as that in Brazil, trustworthiness, clear communication in your native language and make a commitment to you, the international partner, is as important as sales success.

Mhedica. We make Brazil work for you.

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